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About this Glossary

Last updated Sep 7, 2022 - Edit Source

The Airbyte Glossary is built on top of the Digital Garden analogy. Instead of aligning all glossary terms in a single level, the digital garden approach lets you go inwards. You can learn about each term and go deeper into each of its connections. The Glossary will show you each link that is related to the above interactive graph to it and all backlinks.

These will allow you to see connections in a visual way, that you would not otherwise.

This Glossary is forked from Quartz and we thank Jacky for open-sourcing this gem.

You can simply hit ctrl/cmd+k and search the whole Data Brain. Or you can click on the links and navigation through our content.

# Interactive Graph

Use the Interactive Graph on the bottom. It will appear every term. You can zoom and click on different nodes to navigate through the content.