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What is the Open Data Stack?

Last updated May 13, 2023 - Edit Source

The open data stack is a better term for the Modern Data Stack but focuses on solutions built on open-source and open standards covering the Data Engineering Lifecycle. The open data stack is maintained by everyone using it. Companies can reuse existing battle-tested solutions and build on them instead of reinventing the wheel by re-implementing critical components for each component of the data stack.

The open piece is so important and often overlooked because it’s what makes the #opendatastack more embeddable with tools from the open data stack such as Airbyte, dbt, Dagster, Superset, and so forth. Letting you integrate them into your services, unlike closed-source services.

See a reference project building the open-data-stack

This is the start of the open data stack in action. Check out the GitHub repo Open-Data-Stack.

Alternative names that came up beside the Modern Data Stack are ngods (new generation open-source data stack), DataStack 2.0, DAD Stack, or more as a joke on Twitter, the boring data stack.

See more on the topic of The Open (aka Modern) Data Stack Distilled into Four Core Tools.